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MELTDOWN METAL STUDIOS | Professional Mixing and Mastering for Heavy Music

Mixing and Mastering for Modern Metal and Heavy Music

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meltdown metal studios professional mixing and mastering for heavy music
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Support & Guidance




We accompany you from recording to release. 

No matter if you record your tracks at home or go into a studio, we will help and guide you to get the best possible quality. 

We help you to reach your goals and support you with social media advice for your band and your releases.

(Included with all our Mixing services)

Do you want an individual,

modern, and massive sound for your songs?

We will transform your recorded tracks into a professional high-end production, take your sound to the next level and give you the best sound possible. 

In a live mixing session, you can tune in from everywhere and get involved in creating your sound.  


Do you want clear and wide-sounding songs on a commercial volume level for your songs?

We will give your songs the final touch that makes the difference between a "good" and an "awesome!" sound with our professional hybrid mastering. 

Your songs will sound powerful and transparent on all common audio systems.

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Modern Metal Studio Analog Gear


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I know that as a band you put a lot of time, energy, and heart into your songs.
I've been working as a
mixing,- mastering engineer and producer for over 10 years. 

For professional mixing and mastering, you want to work with someone who understands your music. The best possible sound for your songs is my dedication.

I started as a guitarist, became a musician, and continued as a professional mixing and mastering engineer specialized in Heavy Music.

I grew up with modern metal and have loved it since I can remember.

Nothing fulfills me more than creating a modern and massive metal sound for bands and helping them on the way achieve their goals.

That's the reason why I started this Meltdown Metal Studios.

About me


Thank you!
We'll get in touch with you soon.



Nico - Horizons Colony

"The collaboration with Michael has helped me and my band reach the next level. His production is excellent, and his communication is outstanding. Always open, honest, optimistic with constructive criticism, creative and technical input, and continuous guidance in all matters.

It doesn't get better or more humane than this!"


Ray - Vigilandia

Michael Seifert delivered a FANTASTIC mixed and mastered track, and we couldn't be happier with it! He does great work, and is easy to communicate with and is super friendly! I HIGHLY recommend Michael to anyone in the heavy music industry for your audio engineering needs!


Roman - Fear Lab

The collaboration with Micha has always been very pleasant. He addressed all of our needs and brought his own ideas as well. Very creative and on the same wavelength as the musicians. He continues to support even after the completion of the project.


We can only recommend Micha!

The next collaboration is already in the planning stage.

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